Chapter 204:The Witcher Loads the Thriller Game

This is borrowing, really borrowing

Wang Ya's expectations for the Harak material are still relatively high.

Now because of the dark place, it has become the result of having to continue to develop.

Once the Dark Wizard Conference was held, the subsequent Harak Dark Matter was applied to the entire Dark Land...

The first stage is definitely to be implemented in the House of Commons,

Let those wizard apprentices try.

This is considered a pilot...

If all aspects are satisfied, and show strong potential for Harak material.

It will be continued follow-up, applied to the upper house, those third-level wizard apprentices, as well as extreme wizard apprentices.

Finally, the participation of the official wizard level is involved in joint development.

When various aspects are developed, Harak material must also keep up with the pace of development.

Otherwise, Wang Ya, as the developer of Harak material, can't keep up with the pace of development, so there will be some drama.

Even, there is a certain possibility that he will be kicked out of the original developer by being coerced by external forces.

It's not impossible!

Everything is developing and progressing, and the results of not progressing are generally not very good.

So Wang Ya was ready to design a Harak wizard technique that could make him lazy.

That is, the sequence list of Harak's transcendent creatures mentioned before.

This is for the wizard apprentice...

The second is the Harak consciousness platform that Wang Ya is testing with Hermione.

Wang Ya admits that this is a reference to the dark terminal platform.

But the Harak Consciousness Platform has something that the Dark Terminal Platform does not have.

That is the close connection closely related to the Sequence List of Extraordinary Creatures.

All kinds of extraordinary biological information can be brought to life in the Harak consciousness platform.

Moreover, Wang Ya can also change the content and environment in the Harak consciousness platform at any time.

Achieve the equivalent force related to the virtual laboratory in the soul chip.

Of course, this is also the point where there is a soul chip as the center that controls the control and transmission of the entire Harak matrix core.

Compared with the dark terminal platform, Wang Ya's Harak consciousness platform has a unique advantage.

Once relevant data exists, it can be reproduced directly and carried out in the consciousness platform.

Even in the later period, Wang Ya still had the idea of ​​sharing the virtual laboratory on the Harak consciousness platform.

This is something that the formal wizards, even the two second-level wizards cannot refuse.

Wang Ya is very clear about the value of virtual laboratories.

And, the most important thing is that the two second-level wizards, even the ghost wizards, have to consider.

That is an extra way out.

There is no absolute peace in the wizarding world.

The dark terminal platform is based on the dark core.

As for the dark terminal core, the dark land has absolute control.

But the dark terminal platform is not entirely true.

Even the wizarding technology of the entire Underworld has a big hidden danger.

That is the source of wizard technology, the mechanical heart wizard force.

The other party can definitely affect the dark terminal platform, and even make the dark terminal platform completely paralyzed and collapsed.

In that way, the entire dark place, although it will not return to before liberation overnight.

However, the losses in all aspects are bound to be great.

But with Wang Ya's Harak consciousness platform, this is another way.

Although, this may just be a precaution.

There is also a very long period of time for the development of the Harak consciousness platform to the degree of substitution.

But after all, it is also a very clear way forward.

Wang Ya also gradually reacted to why the three high-level wizards had to pay such a large benefit to themselves.

It is estimated that there are considerations in this regard.


While Hermione was feasting, Wang Ya had gradually thought about some of his plans for the ‘Halak Consciousness Platform’.

For the time being, it is divided into three aspects.

The first aspect is to start with the apprenticeship of wizards and proceed with the development of the bottom layer.

This will not stimulate the Purple Nightmare wizard.

Now, it is estimated that in the eyes of the other party, he is still a member of the faction of the Black Sun Wizard.

The corner of Wang Ya's mouth slowly raised a faint smile.

After reaching a certain stage of development, it started with two second- level wizards.

With these two leaders, even if the official wizards below have any reaction, they will definitely join the Harak consciousness platform.

After all, the boss has already joined, how can I express myself.

There was a thoughtful light in Wang Ya's eyes.

This plan gradually began to improve, including some details of the improvement.

This can also promote in disguise, the implementation of the Dark Mark of Harak throughout the Underworld.

Let every wizard have his own dark mark of Harak.

From another aspect, Wang Ya built a network by himself, and every wizard in the Underland has a quota for the Internet and became a user of Wang Ya.

After this is built, there is the processing information of the soul chip, no matter what kind of progress these wizards rely on Harak's dark matter, they will completely flow into the Harak matrix.

Then it is accepted and processed by the soul chip, and then becomes the information of the database, and then becomes the foundation of Wang Ya's own.

It is equivalent to Wang Ya borrowing the entire dark place to develop herself and improve her wizarding knowledge.

Moreover, this is a pragmatic plan, so Wang Ya simply prostitutes for nothing.

Those formal wizards have no choice.

After that, coupled with the opening of the virtual laboratory, there will definitely be more upsurges.

Of course, in the Harak consciousness platform, every minute spent requires special points.

These points are a set of mission contribution system developed by Wang Ya's dark terminal platform.

Even the Dark Library, Wang Ya learned from it.

The wizarding building that Hermione saw that disappeared in the years of history was a test conducted by Wang Ya.

It seems that the effect is very outstanding!

In terms of simulation, there are no flaws.

As for the task, of course, it is to develop some things that Wang Ya himself needs, and to develop the intensive research progress of the entire Harak material.

The contribution is called Harak Points.

Even Wang Ya had some ideas. After reaching a certain level, he would connect with the dark terminal platform to exchange points equally.

In this way, the situation of the Harak consciousness platform is completely opened.

It is directly to absorb the resources and nutrition of the dark terminal platform to enrich the Harak consciousness platform.

However, for the sake of safety, the spoils are evenly distributed.....No, it should be the rationalization of rights.

Wang Ya will give two second-level wizards, as well as ghost wizards, some powerful old wizards, to give Harak consciousness platform permissions.

You can create your own wizard tower in it, as well as some other buildings that should be there.

In short, it is to make full use of various resources and manpower.

Fully develop the Harak material, and it doesn't require Wang Ya's own efforts.

Relying on the designed mechanism, just lie down and make progress.

In this way, Wang Ya would have time to study his own path of elemental wizards.

As for whether it is a bit like a penguin's reference...

Wang Ya shook his head, forgetting Kojin in his mind.

Why did I suddenly miss that little penguin?

But speaking of Kojin, he didn't know if there was any change in the situation in the horror space.


"Yawn!! Who is it... who is talking about you, Uncle Kojin!"

In the Horror Experiment Center, the penguin lying in a house made of gold and various diamonds suddenly got up and sneezed several times.

Pulling the cloak on his body, he also took out the colorful scepter in his hand, with a lingering expression.

Just now, it suddenly had a chill.

But this feeling came quickly, and went quickly...

I can't feel it now.

Kozjin couldn't help but wonder whether he would feel uneasy if he earned more money...

It shouldn't be!

It remembers that it has no conscience.

It is only Professor Wang's creation...

It must be my own illusion.

Or maybe those ** thrillers are hurting him behind his back.

Penguin Cocking suddenly showed a very complicated expression on his face.

"So many precious potions, shouldn't they be sold more expensive... this should be!"

Penguin Kejin muttered to himself with a look of owe.

"My membership system is also to better develop the Thriller Experiment Center. As for further aristocratic members, you can buy the most precious potions... Isn't that reasonable!"

I believe that after Professor Wang comes back, he will be pleased with his actions.

Because I really earned a lot of horror points.

Penguin Kejin thought of Wang Ya, and his eyes burst into tears.

"Master, where are you and when will you be able to come back? Kozin really misses you, miss you so much..."

Penguin Kejin thought about the storage of the medicine in his warehouse, which was about to bottom out.

If Professor Wang does not come back, his business will not be able to continue...

"My master, where are you, Kozin really misses you!"

"Master, my superman...I miss you so much!"


Inside the room under the warm light.

Hermione was very full this meal, and tasted something she had never eaten before.

In the past, I didn't even dare to imagine it...

"Master Horror Wizard, I'm full!"

Hermione said with a ladylike smile on her face.

There was no way to tell how the food on the white long table had been taken out.

Wang Ya just nodded slightly, these delicacies are just a bunch of data.

It can bring satisfaction to Hermione. It seems that he is really good at developing the Halak consciousness platform.

At that time, you can add some entertainment items appropriately.

Or something that can be reproduced into the Halak Consciousness Platform...

For example, for various tests of witchcraft, you can put them here, which can reduce the consumption of various metal targets.

Save a little today, save a little tomorrow, and a dark place has come out...

There are also various things that need to consume and cherish materials for wizards, and they can also be carried out in the Harak consciousness platform.

After you are familiar with the platform, and then operate in reality, this saves too much waste.

Because of the control of the soul chip, based on the virtual laboratory, it is possible to properly open some virtual laboratories for apprenticeship...

Of course, for different target groups, the prices that Wang Ya opens up to charge are also very different.


Wang Ya told Hermione a lot about the ‘Halak Consciousness Platform’.

Suddenly, all the content and depth attracted Hermione, and her eyes were full of admiration.

"Teacher, this creation is really a genius idea... it will definitely be able to develop completely in the dark place..."

No need for Wang Ya to say anything, Hermione proactively asked Ying to say:

"Teacher, please let me develop the Harak consciousness platform to more wizards...this is a cross-age change..."

Wang Ya wore a faint smile at the corner of his mouth.

Naturally, there will be no disagreement.

But when she kicked Hermione out, she told her in advance.

Let her report on the Thriller Tower in fifteen days.

With such news, he also notified several other cheap disciples.

Among them, Wang Ya had a headache for that Cassandra's arrangement.

After all, the Black Sun wizard gave it to him.

Wang Ya’s soul chip also noticed something different in this cheap disciple’s body.

Far from it, the information outside is so simple.

Just know that this is the profound meaning of the black sun wizard.

It's a good arrangement for Hades.

It was this point about the Black Sun Wizard that became difficult to arrange for Kassandra.

After thinking about it, Wang Ya finally had a good way.


As time passed slowly, Wang Ya was also dealing with the trivial matters that needed to be dealt with after he returned.

On this day, he came to the Experimental Discipline Center.

At the entrance and exit, I saw the blasting wizard who was waiting for him.

Seeing Wang Ya's arrival, the Explosive Wizard greeted him on the initiative.

"Thriller wizard, you are a big celebrity in the Underworld recently... you have done a lot of things that veteran wizards can't I don’t know how many formal wizards have been stunned. My own eyes, I still can't believe it..."

Listening to the incomparably obvious joking words of the Blazing Wizard, Wang Ya smiled and said: "The Blazing Wizard can really joke, I am just a little new wizard, everything is a coincidence, it's a coincidence!"

The explosive head, the explosive wizard who still wore the red wizard robe, slightly twitched the corner of her mouth and said: "Thriller wizard, if you capture the bone demon wizard from the Bone Society alive, it's a coincidence, then you happen to be a bit scary!"


Listening to the incomparably obvious joking words of the Blazing Wizard, Wang Ya smiled and said: "The Blazing Wizard can really joke, I am just a little new wizard, everything is a coincidence, it's a coincidence!"

The explosive head, the explosive wizard who still wore the red wizard robe, slightly twitched the corner of her mouth and said: "Thriller wizard, if you capture the bone demon wizard from the Bone Society alive, it's a coincidence, then you happen to be a bit scary!"


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