Chapter 779:Those Years When I Was Cannon Fodder

I'm alive

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No matter what these people think in their hearts, at this moment, they unanimously chose to join forces.

Because they also know that perhaps their cultivation of transforming gods and transforming gods is considered very good in the outside world, but in this fire dragon world, in front of the highness of the monster race, Wu Xun, it may not be worth mentioning.

It can be said that the transformation of the gods is everywhere, and the transformation of the gods is not as good as a dog.

If there is still disagreement at this time, if they want to separate from Chu Yu, they may face a dead end.

At least Chu Yu swears, maybe he can really find a way out.

Even the maids who hated Chu Yu didn't stand up to object at this moment.

Chu Yu unified the right to speak, smiled with satisfaction, and led everyone to the room where Wu Xun was locked up.

This room is specially made to prevent the red lotus industry fire. It is really not easy for them to open it violently from the outside world.

But Chu Yu had been prepared for a long time, and directly used the anti-love contract, which affected Wu Xun's thinking.

Maybe he thought he could stay in this space to consolidate his cultivation, and avoid Honglian Yehuo still in a state of rage, regardless of enemy or friend, so it's better to stay longer and wait until it's safer.

But under the effect of anti-love agreement, his thoughts naturally changed:

The power feedback I got from Chu Yu is running out, maybe those people in the formation are dead, I should go out now to have a chance to subdue the red lotus fire.

Otherwise, for a period of time at night, the red lotus and raging fire will all leave.

He knew in his heart that he couldn't control the red lotus karma just by relying on this large formation. He wanted to use the purity of his soul to attract the red lotus karma and reduce the vigilance of the red lotus karma. contract.

If it was rational, he might be able to sense something was wrong.

For example, I didn't even use the bond of love, why did the power pass directly from Chu Yu to him?

But because of the existence of the anti-love agreement, he very naturally ignored the wrong details. This is the terrible thing about the anti-love agreement.

It does not force people to surrender, but it will quietly affect the person's thoughts and thoughts.

It's like a love bond can make people fall in love with someone fanatically, dedicate everything to it, and die without regret.

Wu Xun used vicious methods on Chu Yu, and was countered by Chu Yu.

In the end, nothing went wrong. He chose to hide in the house. Maybe he could have a chance to delay it for a longer time, but he chose to come out.

The more than one hundred monsters present hated him so much that they would not give him a chance to escape, and immediately surrounded them to prevent him from running back to the room.

Chu Yu smiled brightly.

She had been pretending to Wu Xun for so long, and she could finally show her true colors. It was a happy mood, as if a heavy object that had been pressing on her body was finally split by her mercilessly. People who have never experienced that kind of lightheartedness is never felt.

There is a very vivid metaphor that a prisoner who has been in prison for a long time has obtained the long-lost qualification for exile.

In contrast, Wu Xun's expression was very ugly.

Embarrassment mixed with shock, almost blurted out the general question,

"How are you still alive?"

Chu Yu said with a smile,

"Yeah, I'm alive, and not only am I alive, but other people are alive too."

With the sound falling, those monster clan members hiding in the dark also appeared at the same time, Wu Xun realized something was wrong, and immediately wanted to go back to the house that could bring him a sense of security, but there were already several Yaozu quietly stood behind him.

Chu Yu continued to smile,

"I'm not dead, we're not dead, are you disappointed?"

Her face suddenly changed, and she sneered,

"It's because you are still His Royal Highness of the Yaozu, and you still proudly call yourself the Dragon Clan, so the Dragon Clan will not be as disgusting as you. You don't need to practice the orthodox orthodox way, but you want to be an evil cultivator who everyone shouts and beats. So many people because of you Planning to die, many of you are the people of your demon clan, don't you feel guilty? Won't you be unable to sleep when you dream back at midnight? Your Dao heart is still stable, it seems that it is not a righteous way. "

Dao Xin is very subtle, won't those evil cultivators be affected by Dao Xin when they do bad things?

of course not.

Because they have already abandoned their kind side, and they will do anything for the sake of cultivation and strength. Naturally, their Dao Xin is also the same, so how can it be affected by the evil things they have done?

I'm afraid it wasn't because the Dao heart became stronger and deeper, and he never repented from then on, and there was no way to turn back.

Why is it so hard to put down the butcher knife?

Because when they let go, they have given up everything they insisted on, and at that time, the Taoism built up by them through countless evil things will be broken accordingly.

It looks like he is still alive, but the whole person is no different from dead.

One's own cultivation will also quickly regress.

Of course, this is in the world of comprehension. If it is among mortals, it may be a different situation.

Obviously, Wu Xun was able to make such a decision. His Dao heart was already darkened. Chu Yu's questioning didn't touch him at all. guilt.

His unrepentant expression also changed slightly.

The people who were staring at him just thought it was Is it that even being a bad guy can't be completely bad?

Someone tried to scold him to wake him up like Chu Yu did, but saw his indifference.

In an instant, they believed what Chu Yu said before, that Wu Xun had done something to her.

Obviously, this action not only affected Chu Yu, but also Wu Xun himself.

Chu Yu has long vowed to this incident that it will be a success. Bringing so many people here is just a formality, letting everyone witness her influence on Wu Xun is also a wake-up call for some people.

Don't think you can cheat her, if you really make her anxious, she can mobilize Wu Xun's power to cheat them.

Since you want to leave, then go well and go back to where they should go, don't think about what else you can plot.

Then she forced Wu Xun to swear the oath of heaven, agreeing to let people leave the Fire Dragon Realm. In exchange, they can keep this secret for Wu Xun, and prevent it from spreading to the Fire Dragon Realm.

Wu Xun's face was ashen, but he couldn't change everything.

Because Chu Yu had already blocked his spiritual power in advance to prevent him from spreading the news to the outside world, naturally the influence of anti-love agreement was inevitable during this period, making him the same as Jiang Zhi.

However, because Chu Yu's actions seemed to be violent, he did not expose the influence on Wu Xun now.

When Chu Yu and Wu Xun walked out of the other courtyard side by side, the guards outside were stunned, which was very different from what they thought.

Could it be that their young master was taken away?

The strong man who was sent by the Dragon Emperor to protect his son in the Mahayana period simply threw a detection spell over his head, and he was relieved to see that there was nothing unusual about him.

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