Chapter 5176:Valkyrie Domination

hold you

In the sky above the endless cosmic sea, silhouettes exuding a terrifying and detached aura were suspended in the sky, clearly appearing in front of everyone.

It was You Qianxue, Ji Ruyue, Chen Sisi, Shangguan Wan'er, Blood River Sage, and Honghuang Ancestor Long.

They are towering, and every figure exudes a terrifying aura of detachment, and they are suspended above the ancient tower, blocking this world.


Below, everyone's expressions were stunned, and there was an incredible look in their eyes.

Here, what did they see?

A group of detached powerhouses suddenly appeared from the mysterious pagoda?

What the hell!

A group of people were dumbfounded. What kind of treasure is this tower? To be able to accommodate so many strong people, if it is only to accommodate the strong people, that's all. Some space treasures do have such functions, but Qin Chen brought this tower out of the dark forbidden area before, so

That is to say, the dark and forbidden place could not detect the intrusion of outsiders at all.

This is by no means ordinary treasures can do.

"Hey, these people..."

After seeing Sisi and their faces, everyone was sluggish again.

"How can there be such a stunning and beautiful person in this world? And there's more than one."

At this moment, all the men, even the women, in the entire dark and forbidden place were lost.

"These sisters..."

Fang Muling was already the most beautiful woman in the Southern Thirteenth Star Region, and she was known as the number one beauty in the Southern Thirteenth Star Region, but when she saw the four Sisi in front of her, she couldn't be bothered by their looks. shock.

The temperaments of the four people in front of them each have their own merits. Not only are they not inferior to hers, but they are even better than hers.

You Qianxue's coldness and arrogance is like a piece of ice in this world dissipating ice fog, her snow-white figure is looming, and her eyes are as piercing as ice, as if they shouldn't appear in this world.

Ruyue carries a kind of holy light, like the goddess above the nine heavens, descending to the mortal world, that kind of arrogance and sacredness, people dare not look at it, as if one more glance is blasphemy.

Sisi, on the other hand, has a unique power of charm, the kind of indifferent charm that makes many men dare not look directly, and their hearts are beating wildly.

As for Shangguan Wan'er, there is also a kind of magical beauty, the endless dark aura, like walking out of the endless purgatory, seeing Wan'er, the darkness in front of her even gives a feeling of light.

As soon as the four of them appeared, they attracted everyone's attention in an instant, and even the battle between Palace Master Anyou and Patriarch Tuoba was stagnant.

"Qianxue, trap this guy, wait for me to kill this dark ancestor, and then destroy the Quartet."

In the void, Qin Chen opened his mouth to Qianxue and the others who suddenly appeared, and then his figure turned into lightning and disappeared suddenly. A sword light suddenly appeared in the void and slashed out at the dark ancestor.


The dark ancestor shouted angrily: "Just right, this ancestor wants to see how evil your kid is!"

When the words fell, the dark ancestor suddenly burst out with a strong dark energy, and the power of the law quickly merged into his body, and suddenly took a step forward.


In an instant, a dark tide swept towards Qin Chen like a tsunami, and suddenly collided with the sword light displayed by Qin Chen!


The two terrifying forces collided in an instant, annihilating each other instantly.

The Dark Ancestor suddenly jumped forward, and the dark runes appeared one after another. These dark runes formed a long river and quickly converged on the fist of the Dark Ancestor, and then slammed down with a punch!


In an instant, the entire void vibrated directly, becoming extremely illusory!

Some of the powerhouses on the scene couldn't bear the remnants of this punch, and they all retreated!

Even the Demon Dangling God Venerable and the others retreated violently!

The full-strength punch of the double detachment is enough to destroy the world!

In front of the dark ancestor, Qin Chen not only did not dodge, but his eyes slowly closed!

Dark Fist!

Facing this punch from the Dark Ancestor, Qin Chen actually had a feeling of incomparable kindness and familiarity.

Under the eyes of the public, he did not dodge at all, but directly stimulated the source of space in his body, and a terrifying space aura instantly enveloped his whole body.

Space God.

He wants to be tough and use his own body to harden the attack of the dark ancestor.

"Mad, this guy is a lunatic."

Seeing Qin Chen's actions, everyone was horrified, showing disbelief.

Even a second-level detachment of the same level would not dare to take the full blow of a powerhouse like Dark Ancestor. Qin Chen is only a first-level detachment, why?

Isn't this looking for death?

"Boy, you are courting death!"

Seeing Qin Chen's actions, the dark ancestor was even more angry, and the attack that contained his terrifying origin struck Qin Chen in an instant.


The void within a radius of one million miles vibrated directly, as if an earthquake had occurred. The next moment there was a bang, the power of countless spaces was agitated, and the void was instantly torn into countless gaps.

Amidst the terrifying impact, a figure flew out backwards, and directly retreated thousands of feet away.

And the dark ancestor also returned to the original place!

The starry sky trembled, countless dark breaths sputtered, and it was a mess!

The dark ancestor looked at Qin Chen, his eyes were full of disbelief and solemnity.

This guy really blocked his punch!

And with the flesh.

How is this possible? With his strength, even a second-level detachment like Sifang God Venerable would not dare to use his physical body to take him for this move, unless it is a powerhouse at the second-level peak such as Palace Lord Anyou and Patriarch Tuoba. Double peak, I'm afraid I don't dare to directly

Just block it with your body?

The Qin Chen in front of him is only the first level of transcendence?

"Evil, this guy is simply a monster."

The dark ancestor looked at Qin Chen in the distance, and his heart couldn't help shaking.

"Dark breath, really familiar!"


Under the watchful eyes of the public, a terrifying dark aura erupted in Qin Chen's body, and this dark aura was not inferior to that of the dark ancestor.

In the distance, Qin Chen suddenly smiled and said, "Come again!"

As he spoke, he opened his palm, and the mysterious rusty sword suddenly burst out with a sword light!

Qin Chen rushed forward directly.


A sword light tore through the field!

Not far away, the dark ancestor suddenly punched out!


In front of the dark ancestor, a sword light shattered, and he himself retreated tens of thousands of feet in an instant!

Raising his hand, a bloodstain was clearly visible on his fist.

"What a terrible sword energy, no wonder it can seriously injure the gods from all directions."

The dark ancestor looked at Qin Chen, is this guy really just a level of detachment?

When did the first-level transcendence have such terrifying strength?

When Qin Chen and Dark Ancestor fought, there was a ferocious flash in the pupils of the four gods.

At this time, he had already felt the breath of Sisi and the others, and they were all just a first-level detachment.

"A group of first-level detachment is only, and they also want to trap this seat. You, should be that kid's ban, right? It's just right, capturing you is enough to make that kid throw a rat." There was a ferocious harmony in the eyes of the four gods. Promiscuous, the figure instantly soared into the sky, and the Sisi people flew straight to the sky.

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