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Qi Ranran is the most beautiful scheming female partner in the book, but she accidentally enters another novel and becomes the mother of a four-year-old child! This kid will grow up black!

Looking back at the child’s dad, Nima, how could he look exactly like her rival before she wore the book!

Startled with two combos, Qi Ranran was a little panicked.

But this husband who looks like his opponent, he seems to be very embarrassed!
How to do it? Be a secret sign.

Qi Ranran: Old hooligan!

He Zhao: Man wife!

Very good, the enemy meets, especially jealous!


The fake couple in the entertainment industry finally stopped showing off their affection, they changed it!

Tearing up on Weibo, on shows, and also on variety shows for a family of three!
The little villain is very distressed, and is busy being a peacemaker every day, so there is no time to blacken it!

(Double crossing, happy sand glyph)

1: Male and female main SC
2: The article mentions unspoken rules, but the male protagonist has not dived anyone, and there is a reason to want to dive into the female protagonist.
3: The male protagonist is lip service, he did it deliberately, everyone thinks he is greasy.

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One-sentence introduction: Raising a child with the enemy
Idea: Change tragedy, face life optimistically

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