Chapter 482:When Beauty Meets Beasts

So Angry!

Chapter 482: So Angry!

The leader of the guards said that if they wanted to enter Dark Moon City, they had to be checked. Otherwise, they were not allowed to enter the city.

Huanhuan didn’t want to cause trouble, so she landed at the bridge with Xue Ling.

The guards first questioned them carefully about their origins, then they wanted to search them.

Xue Ling didn’t care, but he would never allow anyone to search Huanhuan.

The thought of the other male beasts touching Huanhuan made him want to chop off their claws!

Xue Ling forcefully refused the request to search him.

The guards’ expressions didn’t look too good.

In the past, they had encountered such beasts who did not cooperate with inspections. In the end, they would use forceful methods to force the other party to cooperate. However, it was obvious that the two beasts in front of them were extraordinary.

Especially when they suggested searching for them, the powerful aura released by the golden-haired and red-robed feather beast almost suffocated the guards.

From his aura, it was obvious that his soul beast was definitely not lower than nine stars.

These two-star guards were no match for him.

In the end, they could only suppress their anger and let them pass.

Huanhuan and Xue Ling did not take the bridge. They flew over.

Dark Moon City was called a city, but from afar, it looked more like a castle. Gray-black rocks were piled up into sharp peaks, and houses of different sizes climbed up the mountain. Coupled with the cool moonlight, the place looked like it came out of a dark fairy tale.

This city was neither big nor small. Finding Xuan Wei here was like finding a needle in a haystack.

After Huanhuan and Xue Ling landed, they prepared to ask the local tyrant about the situation.

Unexpectedly, they had only walked half the street when they were surrounded by more than 20 beast soldiers.

A black civet walked out. Its gaze swept over Huanhuan and Xue Ling before stopping on Xue Ling. It said in human language, “You’re Elder Xue Ling of the feather tribe?”

Xue Ling looked down at the black civet in front of him. “You are?”

It wagged its tail. “I’m Hei Yao. The high priest of Dark Moon City, Wu Huo, found out that you’re in Dark Moon City and specially sent me to invite you to the Dark Moon Temple as guests.”

Xue Ling and Huanhuan looked at each other.

One who was unaccountably solicitous was hiding evil intentions.

This high priest of the Dark Moon Temple must be up to no good!

Huanhuan wanted to refuse, but seeing the posture of the beast soldiers in front of her, she knew that they had ill intentions. Even if they refused, the other party would forcefully take them away.

Of course, with her and Xue Ling’s strength, they wouldn’t lose out even if they used force.

However, that would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble. It might even delay their search for Xuan Wei.

She said nothing and let Xue Ling make the choice.

Xue Ling said with a faint smile, “Since the high priest is so kind, we can’t decline.”

The civet walked in front. Huanhuan and Xue Ling followed behind it, surrounded by many beast soldiers.

When they arrived at the Dark Moon Temple, the beast soldiers retreated.

The civet said, “The high priest has prepared food to entertain you, Elder Xue Ling. Elder Xue Ling, please come this way.”

The door in front of him was pushed open, and the civet walked in lightly. Xue Ling followed.

Huanhuan wanted to follow, but she was stopped at the door.

The divine servant standing at the door said, “The high priest only invited Elder Xue Ling. As Elder Xue Ling’s guard, you’re not qualified to be invited to the banquet.”

Huanhuan: “…”

When did she become Xue Ling’s guard?

She was so handsome. Even if she didn’t look like a prince, she could still be a young master, right?

These divine servants actually treated her as a guard!

How infuriating!

Xue Ling sensed movement behind him. He stopped and turned to the divine servant. “He isn’t my guard. He’s my friend.”

But the divine servant said, “Not even friends are allowed. The high priest only invited you. No other beasts who haven’t been invited can go in.”

At this moment, the civet turned around and said to Xue Ling, “The high priest has been waiting for a long time. Elder Xue Ling, please come with me quickly. As for your friend, we’ve prepared a place for him to rest. Elder Xue Ling, don’t worry.”

Xue Ling was dissatisfied. He did not want to be separated from Huanhuan and was about to refute this arrangement.

Huanhuan said, “Forget it. Since the high priest didn’t invite me, I won’t go in and cause trouble. Go have fun. I’ll go rest first.”

Xue Ling was still a little worried about her. “But you…”

“Don’t worry too much. I’m not the same person anymore. I’m not as fragile as you think. I don’t need to be watched all the time.”

Thinking of the powerful strength of her body, Xue Ling was relieved.

Indeed, with her demigod body, no one in the entire Dark Moon Temple was her match.

She could do whatever she wanted here without worrying about safety.

Xue Ling could only say, “Alright, go and rest first. I’ll look for you as soon as I see the high priest.”

They parted here.

Xue Ling followed the civet into the banquet hall deep in the temple and saw the high priest of the Dark Moon Temple.

The table was already filled with fresh meat and fruits, as well as nectar collected this morning.

The civet jumped into Wu Huo’s arms with light steps.

As Wu Huo gently stroked the civet’s back, he said to Xue Ling, “Please sit anywhere. I specially got someone to prepare this food for you. I hope you like it.”

Xue Ling casually picked up a sweet fruit. The fruit turned in his hand, but he had no intention of eating it.

He asked with a faint smile, “May I ask why the high priest specially invited me here?”

Wu Huo was a very young male beast. To be able to become a high priest at his age, his future could be said to be limitless. There were even rumors that he might enter the Elders’ Association of the 10,000 Beasts Temple in the future.

Not only was he young, but he was talented and handsome.

His long light brown hair contrasted his tea-colored eyes. They were transparent like glass, like an exquisite and beautiful male version of a doll.

Wu Huo said, “I’ve long heard of your reputation, Elder Xue Ling. I’ve always wanted to be friends with you. Unfortunately, I never had the chance. I was very happy to know that you came to Dark Moon City. I want to take this opportunity to have a good chat with you.”

“Talk about what?” Xue Ling leaned back. “Previously, many beasts from your Dark Moon Temple died at my hands. You and I are enemies. I don’t think there’s anything to talk about between us.”

“There are only eternal interests in this world. There are no eternal enemies,” Wu Huo said leisurely. “As long as our interests and goals are the same, we can immediately change from enemies to partners.”


“I heard that the reason why you birds migrated to the rock mountain is that your original home was invaded by the demons. As long as you birds become allies with Dark Moon City, we can consider sending troops to help you snatch back your invaded home.”

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