Chapter 484:When Beauty Meets Beasts

Resurrection Ritual

Chapter 484: Resurrection Ritual

Huanhuan easily destroyed the cell door.

She used brute force to remove the entire door and put it aside. When she walked out of the cell, she would put the cell door back and create the illusion that it was intact.

There were cells on both sides of the narrow corridor. Huanhuan looked around and estimated that there were at least 40 cells.

All the cell doors were locked with stone bolts. Huanhuan didn’t know if there was anyone in the cells. She tried to walk out as quietly as possible. On the way, she encountered a beast soldier who came to patrol.

As soon as the beast soldier saw that Huanhuan had escaped, he was about to grab her when Huanhuan grabbed his throat.

Huanhuan knocked him unconscious.

The beast soldier didn’t even have time to make a sound before he fainted silently.

Huanhuan had just dragged the beast soldier to the corner when she saw another beast soldier walk in. He was also wearing a black hide cloak.

The beast soldier shouted as he walked, “Li Feng, aren’t you done patrolling? Hurry up. The ceremony is about to begin!”

The corridor was narrow. He quickly discovered his unconscious companion and Huanhuan beside him.


He had just said a word when Huanhuan appeared in front of him like a ghost and knocked the back of his neck with her palm.

The beast soldier groaned and fainted.

Huanhuan dragged both beast soldiers back to the cell where she had been locked up before. She took off the hide cloak on one of them and put it on. She backed out of the cell, closed the cell door, and turned to walk out.

She walked up the stairs and went out to find a very small secret room.

There were paths to the left and right of the chamber.

Huanhuan was considering which way to go when a dozen beast soldiers also wearing animal hide cloaks walked in.

When the beast soldier in the lead saw Huanhuan standing there in a daze, he asked, “The sacrificial ritual is about to begin. Why are you still standing here?!”

He mistook Huanhuan for a companion.

Huanhuan did not explain. Instead, she followed his words and said, “I’m waiting for Li Feng. I don’t know where he went.”

“It’s fine if you can’t find him. It’s fine if we miss out on only one or two people. Come with me.”

With that, the beast soldiers dragged Huanhuan into the passage on the left.

Huanhuan didn’t know where they were taking her. She was very puzzled, but because she was afraid that her disguise would be seen through, she could only remain silent the entire time, afraid that she would say something wrong and arouse suspicion.

The passage was long and took several turns.

This place looked like an underground maze. It was extremely mysterious.

At the end of the passage was a circular hall. In the middle of the hall were two stone beds. As Huanhuan walked in, her attention was involuntarily attracted by the patterns on the surface of the stone beds.

The patterns looked very familiar.

She tried to remember for a long time and finally remembered that she had seen these patterns on the top of the divine mountain of the City of 10,000 Beasts.

Behind the altar at the top of the divine mountain was a square stone pillar. The patterns on the pillar were very similar to the patterns on the two stone beds.

A beast soldier pushed Huanhuan. “Why are you in a daze? Hurry up and find your position.”

Huanhuan quickly looked away. “Alright.”

She hunched her shoulders and retreated. She stood in the corner and pulled down her hood to cover her face.

Many beasts walked in one after another. They were all wearing animal hide cloaks. They were either tall, short, fat, or thin. Before long, the entire hall was filled with beasts.

Huanhuan, who was hiding in the shadows in the corner, became extremely inconspicuous.

Someone exclaimed, “The high priest is here!”

Everyone immediately looked at the door in front of them.

Two beasts walked out from behind the door. They were also wearing animal hide cloaks. Their faces were hidden under the hoods, making it impossible to see them clearly. Behind them was the black civet.

When they walked into the hall, all the beasts knelt down and shouted in unison, “Greetings, High Priest!”

Huanhuan had no choice but to bite the bullet and kneel on one knee.

Wu Huo took off his hood, revealing his short brown hair and tea-colored eyes. He looked around at everyone present and said slowly, “Get up.”

The beasts stood up.

Huanhuan took the opportunity to get up and look at the high priest’s face. She realized that he was unexpectedly young.

Just as she was about to retract her gaze, she suddenly noticed the beast standing beside the high priest.

The beast had just walked in with the high priest. At this moment, he had already taken off his hood, revealing an extremely familiar face.

It was Bai Di’s face!

However, Huanhuan quickly denied her guess.

No, he wasn’t Bai Di!

Although he looked extremely similar to Bai Di, if one looked closely, one could see some differences in the details.

Huanhuan quickly reacted. There was only one person in this world who looked so similar to Bai Di, and that was Xuan Wei!

As if noticing Huanhuan’s gaze, Xuan Wei turned his head slightly and looked in Huanhuan’s direction from the corner of his eye.

Huanhuan immediately retracted her gaze and lowered her head. She pulled down her hood and hid in the shadows.

Xuan Wei looked around and found nothing.

The civet walked to the center of everyone’s gaze and puffed out its chest. It raised its head and said proudly, “The high priest is holding a sacrificial ritual today. The purpose is to let dead beasts come back to life.”

Some of the beasts present had already heard the news through special channels. When they heard Hei Yao’s words, they remained calm.

However, there were still many beasts who did not know. They all looked shocked.

Hei Yao took in their reactions and said in satisfaction, “I believe you’ve all experienced the despair of losing your loved ones. As long as this sacrifice is successful, you can reunite with your dead relatives and friends in the future. You won’t have to worry about being forcefully separated by death.”

After the beasts heard the civet’s words, fanaticism appeared on their faces.

Even Huanhuan was shocked.

If the high priest’s resurrection sacrifice was successful, did that mean she could be resurrected in the same way?!

Huanhuan decided to stay and see.

Hei Yao got someone to bring up the corpse of a dead beast and place it on the stone bed on the left. Then, he got another beast to drag out a tightly bound slave beast.

The slave’s body was covered in strange patterns drawn with blood. He opened his mouth and tried to shout for help. Unfortunately, his tongue had long been cut off. No matter how hard he tried, he could not shout a word.

He was stripped and placed on the stone bed to the right.

In order to prevent him from struggling, Hei Yao got the beast soldiers to bring over four stone nails and nail the slave’s hands and feet to the stone bed.

The sound of bones breaking mixed with the sound of stones colliding. It was shocking.

Blood seeped out and spread along the patterns on the surface of the stone bed.

The slave was in so much pain that he wished he was dead.

When Huanhuan saw this, her heart turned cold.

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