Chapter 1739:World Controlling God

Get together!

The array has a variety of unexpected powers, as long as the layout is properly controlled, it can kill all kinds of strong enemies.

Throughout the ages, how many ancient smashes have killed many savage secrets, which can be seen in general!

Fu Yi studied the ancient array and did not know how many years, now it is the early evolution of his great ancestor left behind the big eight-day array of gossip, can be compared!

Big Sunday, gossip, how many gods have been killed, Fuyi is not clear, only know that the ancestors have left their last words, can kill any enemy, retreat can keep one party safe, this sentence means the extraordinary It is.

Fu Yi just shot, it will shock the black magic tiger, even Ling invincible have been shocked.

"What kind of odds is this, it is so terrible!" Ling invincible avoided the open heart to praise.

In the land space, Fuyi walked in the direction of the Eight Diagrams, and all kinds of forces continued to attack. A gossip figure that was only like one side of the world was shocked from time to time, making the Dark Devils and Tigers timid for a time.

Then, after the Black Devils Tiger Emperor tried several times, he found that the law did not hurt it, so he snorted and snarled toward Fuyi in the land space.

One of its claws is terrible, and it is a bit bigger than this small land space. The volley grabs the power of the majestic, tears up a lot of space, and the oppressed and invincible flies far away.

"Just waiting for you!" Fuyi is like a ** in the land space. He walks around and touches the true self-killing.

Wandao chaos gasification turned into a sharp sword and all the way to kill.

Zhou Tian Ba ​​Gua array is in the lineup, this is Wan Jian killing, is the most powerful killing for Wan Gu!

Hundreds of thousands of swords are arrogant, and countless swords are turned into chaotic destruction power, which is destroying several stars.


The black tiger claws collided with many swords and made a terrible sound of vibration. All the space in the vicinity was shaken, and even the people in the mysterious mainland felt trembling. Some mortals were even more shocked. Died of death.

They were scared and pale, screaming, and felt that the end of the world might come!

Xuan Ling Lu Da has become a pot of porridge all over the place, and in the array of Xuan Yao and several large array of Fascination also suffered a terrible impact.

Fortunately, the distance to the battle is still a little far away, otherwise they can't afford it.

Although the power of the black devil tiger is horrible, it is actually broken by the sword and the tiger claws are broken. It hurts to go back and forth again and again!

In the land space, the situation of Fuyi is not much better. Although he used the array method to harden the black devil and tiger emperor, he was shocked by the powerful power of the black devil and the tiger emperor!

The gap between the two places is really not easy to smooth out!

Fuyi did not back down, pinching out a medicinal medicine in his hand and swallowing it, continuing to spur the large array of land space to meet the Dark Lord.

However, a few terrible space forces attacked here at this time.

They have gold, thunder, darkness, and light, and there are infinite murders in the intertwined.

Ling Taichu intends to block the three eternal eternal powers by one person, which is almost impossible.

Jiang Xiewang first rushed to the vicinity of the Dark Lord Tigers and glanced at it.

"What are you doing?" Jiang Xie Wang did not understand what it was all about.

"Immediately activate the original source array!" Xuan Yao and others immediately stunned after all the gods were brought into the eye as quickly as possible.

If you don't activate the big array again, I am afraid that you will have to give up!


After the activation of the original source of the mainland, hundreds of millions of gods floated, and the lines of the road shone with unimaginable power. The surrounding sources of many sources began to converge toward the mysterious continent.

Shenhua flickering, the power is pure and vast, making the people of Xuanling mainland surprise for it, as if it is the feeling of returning from ** to heaven.

Many warriors were originally in the bottleneck stage, suddenly felt the strong force blessing, so that they are breaking through at the same time!

In addition, those spirit beasts also felt the change of this world, many of the beasts also got advanced opportunities, and they all roared in the sky; and the strange flowers and plants between the heavens and the earth were even more fragrant, and now they are prosperous!

Ling Taichu, Ling Invincible, Xuan Yao and others have smeared the excitement one by one. They finally managed to do it. The original source is activated, the black spirit continent will last forever, and the power will be more and more!

It’s just a voice that erases their excitement.

"Haha, is this the ancestral star of your gold family is not successful, it has already been exhausted to this step, but you want to go back to heaven, make it come back, but unfortunately, unfortunately! Even if you recover it today, then we will Let them disappear directly!" Jiang evil king laughed wildly.

After all, his hands are staggered, and a black hole with a bottomless magic cloud appears, and he has to shroud toward the mysterious mainland. He wants to completely twist the mysterious continent into a powder!

"Bastard, you dare to destroy the mysterious continent, I will die, but also destroy your magic tiger space!" Ling Taichu was anxiously shocked, and then shocked the past toward Jiang evil king.

Countless golden dragons slammed toward the magic cloud black hole and blocked the attack of Jiang evil king.

However, Lei Yang Yang was attacked from the other side to him. The thunder gun in his hand gave Ling Taichu a million shots, making Ling Taichu blood- stained in the sky!

"Too early uncle!" Ling invincible liver and gallbladder cracked.

He wanted to join the battle circle, but he didn't even have the qualifications. He was shocked and shattered.


At the crucial time, Ling Taichu once again summoned the ancient giants, he is planning to swear to die!

The ancient dragon got a chance to breathe, and recovered a few points of fighting power to be able to entangle the thunder.

However, the other side also has an Oslo, who bombarded the past with the bright scepter toward the Xuanling mainland.

"Stop!" Ling Taichu was innocent, and he screamed and slammed the Golden Dragon into Oslo.


The terrible power collided, and a bright force swept through the corners of the mysterious continent. In that moment, the land was destroyed.

Numerous creatures there, in this blow, turned into powder for the sake of existence!

Many creatures in the Xuan Ling mainland have been hurt by these terrible forces, and they have returned to ** and become panic!

"Don't the mysterious continent be doomed to be destroyed?" Xuan Yao looks very pale and self-talking.

Fuyi entangled the black magic tiger emperor is already reluctant, if not

神兽, from time to time interfere with the black magic tiger emperor, he and

the land space will be smashed by the black magic tiger emperor!

The strength of the beast is not as good as the black demon tiger emperor.

It is also a wounded body. If it is other holy beasts, I am afraid that it will be photographed as meat residue soon!

的名, but it is no less than the powerful fighting race of the real dragon

beast. Its combat power is naturally extraordinary, its tiger teeth are even more savage weapons, able to gnaw anything.

"Ling Taichu, you are stubborn and stubborn. Today, you will disappear with your ancestral land!" Jiang Xiewang seems to have found the soft underbelly of Ling Taichu, increasing the combat power, and many terrible aftershadows toward Xuan Ling. The mainland sputtered away.

Ling Taichu wants to prevent and prevent it, not to mention that Oslo is also involved.


Xuan Ling Continental has become a human purgatory, no matter what level of warrior, spirit and beast can not escape this wave of bombardment.

In an instant, there have been countless deaths and injuries, blood flowing into the river, numerous mountains and rivers destroyed, and there is a deep pit in many places, and the smoke is filled!

Xuan Yao and others had to immediately flee away from the distance, but they were still uncomfortable with these anger.

Under the Yuzawa Mountains, it was also affected by the power of terror. The Paladin Palace was almost destroyed. In the deep places, the evil emperor, the arrogant, the killing of the sky, the Yunmengqi, the Fengxian rhyme and so on reached the Supreme The characters in the realm of the gods also resisted these aftermath, but they were still devastated by blood.

If the basaltic sacred beast is turned into a huge body to cover them, they must be degraded!

The Suzaku beast, the defeated family, and the dragon girl appeared at the same time, and they all turned to the body to resist these forces.

If you are in the Yuzawa Mountains in peacetime, these few beasts will surely shock the world!

But now everyone is scared, and they are looking for places to take refuge, who will notice this.

"The eternal gods of the Devil Tiger, the Lei and the Wings are coming. They are going to kill all of our mysterious continents, and we will fight with them!" The evil emperor shouted in anger.

The arrogance is to shake your head. "How do ants fight elephants? Let's try our best to keep it here, maybe there will be a turn!".

Ling laughs all the relatives, one person is extremely angry, but none of them can scream with each other, it is really awkward!

"I want to retaliate for my children!" In the battle of the battle, the whole man rushed out of the field.

He has had enough in these years, and his son’s fall is what they do, he wants to die!

"I fight for the husband!" Feng Wenyun gave a soft drink, a touch of dark green light bloomed, several kings suddenly appeared in her side, each one actually reached the eleventh order, this is Feng Xianyun The strength that has always been hidden!

Yan Diejiao, Yuroufei, and Oriental Crystal are not patient, they have rushed out.

Yunmengqi stood on the secluded sacred beast of the basaltic beast. "Xuanwu Grandpa asks you to help me and kill the enemy!"

At this moment, the people around Ling Xiao can no longer suppress the hatred in the heart, one by one, and the power of the sacred God, who is insignificant in the eternal god, has been bombarded.

"You guys are also dare to come out and give me to die!" Jiang Xie Wang Xiaoxiao shocked Ling Taichu, who was seriously injured, to Oslo, and then took a palm towards the black spirit of the mainland, to even have them all Some people and mysterious continents are destroyed!

Ling Taichu was shackled by Oslo, and the ancient dragon was even more pressured to resist. Fuyi was even more innocent, and no one could stop this trick.


Before the power of Jiang Xiewang had not reached the crowd, it was already letting them vomit blood and flew back, and the body burst open, and they were all dying.

The next moment, the devil's palm fell on them, when they were all fallen.

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