Chapter 1741:World Controlling God

Strong return!

"The killing of the gods is the destruction of the mainland of the mysterious spirit? The life of my family is coming!"

"What to do with the master, every place is shaking, a lot of terrible power is so overwhelming, I... will we die?"

"The end of the day, the mysterious mainland may have come to an end, no matter where we go, it is a dead end, it is better to wait for the arrival of natural disasters!".

"I don't want to die, I haven't taken my wife and children, I am not willing!".

Everywhere in the mysterious continent is filled with the cry of mourning and despair.

No matter where they are hiding, the earthquake has been going on, the horrible atmosphere has been falling, and the people around them have died one by one, making them full of despair, full of unwillingness to the gods!

In the depths of the Yuzawa Mountains, the people who are laughing and laughing are not afraid of the color of fear, but instead they are in a state of being!

"French, soon we can meet in Huangquan, you have to wait for us, even if we are in hell, we are still husband and wife!" Caixia month said with a beautiful smile.

Luo Meiying smiled and said, "Yes, I have already gone to the ghost gate and walked through it. Now I am back to Naiqiao and I can go on the road with Fujun. I am satisfied!".


A wave of power suddenly struck over their position.

"Less... young master, I miss you!" Bai Yuxi said, directly vomiting blood and fainted.

The person near her is a seven-hole bleed, and some people are bursting, and all of them are dead and wounded!

Outside the Xuan Ling mainland area, Ling Hongyu and Ling Taichu have been unable to support it anymore. They have already lost their strength, and they are supported by a spirit of strength!

"I am fighting with you! Even if ... even if you die, you have to pull a cushion back!" Ling Taichu finally couldn't stop, he would choose to completely blew himself, to be with them!

"You don't have this opportunity! Go to me and become a slave to my protoss!" Oslo said indifferently, and the bright scepter exudes a radiant glow, and actually slammed Ling Taichu and read it. There was an inexplicable spell, and I wanted to thoroughly cross the Ling Taichu.

An inexplicable sacred symbol slammed into the sea of ​​Ling Taichu, which caused Ling Taichu to suffer another blow and his expression became blurred.

Although Ling Hongyu’s thin body is based on the core strength of Xuan Ling’s mainland, it has also been unable to move by Jiang Xiewang and Lei Zhan. The body is finally turned into a pool of blood and fog, and it is difficult to reorganize!

The three forces of destruction will completely destroy the mysterious continent.

The three forces have not yet touched the mysterious continent, but they have already swayed the mysterious continent, and most of the land is dead!

This is a disaster, a murder!

"Who dares to destroy the mysterious continent, I have destroyed you!" A long- lost voice screamed, and a burst of fascinating figures rushed out. A fist containing nine kinds of divine power, like a star, A punch is simple and violently blasted over the three forces of space!


These three forces could not withstand the power of this attack, and all of them collapsed in an instant, and the three people fell back.

A glimpse of the fascinating gods flashed, and fell to Ling Taichu and Ling Hongyu's "two ancestors, laughing back to help you kill the enemy!".

Ling Xiao, the legend of a fallen generation, he finally revived with half of the undead heart that the undead tree had left for him, and he also thoroughly understood the true meaning of the eternal god, and successfully stepped into the sky with a scene of fifty or sixty years. , reached a real eternal realm!

Ling Hongyu couldn't reorganize the flesh, but when he saw Ling Xiao's return, he smiled and smiled. His soul would be destroyed by the wind.

Ling Taichu was seriously injured and supported "laugh...laugh, have reached the eternal realm? This is good, we...we can be safe if we die!".

Ling Xiao looked at the two ancestors who were almost dead. The anger began to burn. The golden light and the green mangling in his hands shrouded the two ancestors.

"The two ancestors, there are me who can't die in you!" Ling Xiao used two kinds of strength to infuse them, and then forced a lot of blood to fall on them.

Suddenly, the power of a huge share of the power of Ling Hongyu and Ling Taichu actually revived.

The spirit of Ling Xiao is actually a colorful color, and his body has undergone an incredible change!

"Damn, that's the little chop, he... he didn't die!" Jiang Xiewang saw Ling Xiao scared.

At the beginning, the black demon tiger emperor Ming Ming had already killed Ling Xiao, but now it is reappearing, making him feel incredible!

"Death and then, no, Tailai, he has reached that step, a family of three eternal, today must be exhausted, or Cangyu will be their world!" Lei warfare revealed a very dignified color .

Oslo is also swearing, "kill, kill a thorough!".

They have no choice, if they don’t kill the people in front of them today, the coming day will be when they are killed!

The three eternal gods once again turned into a space, and three different space forces slammed toward Ling Xiao.

"Laughter, you... you go, come to the sun to destroy their nine people!" Ling Taichu worried that Lingxiao was invincible, and he was shocked.

Ling Hongyu wants to say something, but he is difficult to open, but he is fully capable of refining the power of Ling Xiaodu, and hopes to restore his strength as soon as possible!

"No matter, a few jumping clowns, what is the road, today I kill them like a dog!" Ling Xiao revealed a arrogant arrogance.

His colorful light flashed, and the space of a colorful space grew from small to large. In an instant, the mysterious continent was blocked behind him, and at the same time it ushered in three different spatial forces.


The three devastating space forces attacked, but when these forces fell into the nine-color space, they were completely melted and could not turn a blind eye!

At the same time, nine colorful dragons rushed into the nine-color space, three in a group, and swarmed toward the three of them!

"What, he... He is the power of space, can actually block our strength?" Jiang Xie Wang shouted in panic.

Lei Zhanyang and Oslo are equally shocked, but they don't have time to think about it and they are rushing toward the real dragon.

Ling Xiao just glanced at the battle over there, the real body did not join in, the eyes filled with strong disdain!

"Laughter is good, we can recover on our own!" After a while, Ling Hongyu finally reorganized the flesh and said.

Ling Taichu also said, "Laughter, you insist on it for a while, I will go with them to destroy them!".

"Two ancestors, you can safely nurse, let me solve it enough!" Ling Xiao said, stopped the blood, and took a step toward the front!

With his movement, the nine-color space instantly converges toward him, and only nine real dragons still entangle the three great gods.

"Cheat my people, destroy my ancestral land, today ###, nobody wants to go!" Ling Xiao is full of thick killings!

His voice reverberated in this world, and even everyone in the Xuanling mainland heard it.

"That... that is the voice of the husband, he...he really came back?" The seriously injured Yunmeng Qifu made an incredible voice on the back of the basaltic beast.

"Really... is the husband, it must be that he is back, I know that he must not die!" The dying Fengxian rhyme screamed.

"Laughter, I heard the voice of a smile, he came back, he came back to save us!" Meng Xiyun held the cry of the remnant of the battle.

"The boss has returned, great, the end of the few ** is here!" Ye Yunfeng laughed.

Xuan Yao smiled and said, "I know that the palace owner is not dead and strong, not so easy to die!"

Ling Xiao laughs those who have not died, one by one is extremely excited!

Outside the domain, Jiang Xiewang struggled to smash the three real dragons. He faced Ling Xiaoxiao, "The kid, even if you die, you will die again today!"

Jiang Xie Wang angered out a palm of the hand like a scorpio, and he would smash Ling Xiao with a single blow.

"Do you have this qualification?" Ling Xiao said quietly, and also shot a palm.

This palm of the nine colors of light flashes, like the nine squares of space co-occurrence, the power is extremely terrible, actually even more than nine times the horror of the ** evil king!

The palm of Jiang Xie Wang was ruined by life and death, and Ling Xiao’s nine- color gods did not diminish and continued to shoot toward Jiang Xiewang.

"Impossible!" Jiang Xiewang was scared of the soul, and quickly rushed back!

"You can't escape!" Ling Xiao said, the color of the palm of the hand is faster, and the anger of Jiang Xie Wang will be caught in the blink of an eye.

"The two helped me to kill him!" Jiang Xie Wang Shizhan tried to wipe out this palm, but it was only futile and ineffective.

Like an ant, he was pinched by Ling Xiao and grabbed it back!

Lei Zhanyang and Oslo each exert their full strength, to kill Ling Xiao, two different space forces rushed to the extreme!

Ling Xiao shot the other hand, and the life of the two sides smashed into a powder, the two seriously injured and vomited blood and retired!

"Devil Tigers, all the culprit is you, give me to die!" Ling Xiao looked at Jiang evil king coldly, the strength of the palms increased, the ** evil king pinched the bones broken, blood splashed!

"Ah... no... don't kill me, I... I am willing to surrender!" Jiang Xiewang struggled with all his strength, but in vain, he was only able to export for mercy.

"It's too late!" Ling Xiao said, his nine-colored ** palm power.


The ** evil king was immediately crushed into a crush, and a drop of blood fell!

At the same time, these gods of blood turned into a ** evil king to escape in all directions!

The blood of the eternal ** can be reborn, and the Jiang evil king has not completely eliminated each other!

However, Ling Xiao did not give him a chance. He sucked his palms, and the powerful force of imprisonment suppressed all the gangs of Jiang evil kings.

The king of Jiang evil was burned to death, and the screams of sorrow and forgiveness!

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