Chapter 1742:World Controlling God

I may not be invincible! end

"First, you ruined my Tianlongmen, killing thousands of Tianlongmen people, and even more rooted in my family's inheritance of blood. You are still very fond of begging for mercy. I am burning all your blood with endless fire, seeing if your eternal ** is still Can be born again!" Ling Xiao stared at Jiang evil king and said with indignation.

The flame of Ling Xiao is beyond the scope of the general skyfire, reaching the limit of a fire, the king of Jiang evil is alive under this kind of flame, burning is not left!

Lei Zhanyang and Oslo were scared to death, and did not want to escape at full speed!

"I said that you can't escape!" Ling Xiao said quietly, he actually split into two, two, while chasing the past in two directions.

The space power of the two groups of nine colors devours away from the chaotic space and the bright space.

Lei warfare struck out, many Thunders are like guns and rain, and they are going to the impact of Lingxiao.

"Chaotic Tianlei, I also understand!" Ling Xiao sneered a sigh, but also with the power of chaos Tianlei toward the thunder and war.

The power of Ling Xiao is nine times that of Lei Yang. The power of chaos is better than that of the thunder.

Lei Zhanyang was actually smashed by the chaotic thunder that he was good at.

"There is... there is something to say, I am willing to surrender!" Lei Zhanyang is really afraid, and ask for help in advance.

"I don't miss the chase like you!" Ling Xiao said ruthlessly, the whole person turned into lightning before the thunder battle, and the fist unscrupulously blew the head of Lei Zhanyang, the blood paddle fluttered. .

boom! boom!

Ling Xiao wants to be discouraged. Every punch of his fist will beat the body of Lei Yang and can’t be bad. It’s impossible to reorganize!

In the other direction, Oslo is much stronger. He has the help of the bright scepter and blocks the power of Ling Xiao's colorful space.

In addition, his white wings waved, making his speed like a meteor, tearing open the space to escape at full speed.

"Birdman, I have been ** you for a long time, your family killed me too grandfather, today I have to light your bird hair, to sway the bright space!" Lingxiao speed has reached a speed, beyond After common sense, after catching up with Oslo in an instant, he used his hand to turn his sword toward his wings.

Oslo circulates the bright scepter, and countless sacred rays come to Lingxiao.

Eternal moment!

This beam of light can kill people in an instant, let people fall into the eternal reincarnation of heaven, and hope to be born again.

Ling Xiao Jiu Cai Shenguang added, still not afraid of these gods, forcing out 888 swords, each sword contains the power of light, scratching millions of miles, tearing Oslo The scepter shines!

Oslo was splattered by the swordsman, and he was shocked. "How can you have so many attributes?"

Nine colors of light, this is simply beyond the chaos of the five elements of the gods, and the horror of the primitive power on it!

"I am really eternal, you are only false eternal, you have not understood the true eternal sincerity!" Ling Xiao explained, no longer with Oslo nonsense, the power of light all gathered on his fist, and even made a A white dragon.

These forces shook the sky, and countless spaces were pierced, and the layers of the cracks were completely destroyed.

Oslo was able to stop at first, but Ling laughed out the punch faster and faster, and the strength of the punch was getting more and more hit, hitting his tiger's mouth, and the bright scepter flew away.

"Without this artifact, what other means do you have, the birdman should be on the road!" Ling smiled and screamed at Oslo, grabbed the wings of Oslo, and tore it!


Oslo, like the wings of the eternal artifact, was broken by Ling Xiaosheng.

Another wing of Oslo was shot, and the endless feathers smashed toward Ling Xiao, and wanted to make Ling Xiao a thousand!

However, Ling Xiao just vacated a hand, hit a million punches, and directly smashed all these feathers!

Not only that, Ling Xiao suddenly snorted "Hey!".

He was born like an ancient dragon, and the terrible dragons directly shattered Oslo's body!

"You kill me Chaos Leilong, this is for you to return to you!" Ling Xiao snorted, once again shot, will block all of Oslo's limbs and blood, will not let him have a chance to escape.

Oslo was quickly reborn, and his hands were printed with boundless power.

But he is just dying and struggling, Ling laughs infinitely, and his strength is nine times stronger than Oslo, directly making him a scum!

Lei Zhanyang and Oslo were completely grounded into ** under the power of Ling Xiao’s absolute vastness, and even their space power was melted away by Ling Xiao’s colorful space!

Including the evil king of Jiang, the three eternal eternal history has become a dust of history!

Ling Xiao is one of the two, the ink is floating, the gods are hunting, and the majestic appearance is like the reappearance of the heavenly hegemon, which makes it difficult to describe his extraordinary moment at this moment!

Ling Hongyu and Ling Taichu looked at such a mighty Ling Xiao and were shocked!

They are all unsuccessful, but in the face of the annihilation of the three eternal gods, they all seem to be powerful and insufficient!

However, Ling Xiao is between the hands and feet, they will be completely killed, and its fighting power is terrible!

"The two ancestors, this should be over!" Ling Xiao returned to the two people and said quietly.

"It is over, but the creatures on the mysterious continent are also destroyed. Even the original source of the original cloth is only destroyed and destroyed!" Ling Hongyu sighed.

He thought that the mysterious mainland could once again bloom brilliantly, but it was completely destroyed by this battle!

Ling Taichu comforted the "uncle, we have tried our best, and you should not be too strong!".

"Maybe all this can change or not!" Ling Xiao hesitated and said.

At this time, Ling invincible, Xuan Yao, evil emperor, arrogant and other people appeared one by one.

"Laughter, you will be back soon, I will know that my apprentice can kill anyone!" The evil emperor looked very pale, obviously it was a serious injury, but he was very happy to smile when he saw Ling Xiao.

"You have seen the master!" Ling Xiao went forward and greeted the evil emperor.

"Just ask the master, but don't ask me this father-in-law?"

Ling Xiao naturally has to respect the return ceremony, and then look at Xuan Yaodao, "God sticks, you are still alive, or else I will pull you back to hell. It is really boring to lose your ghosts!"

Ling Xiao has become a true eternal god, but his character has not changed!

Xuan Yao reluctantly smiled. "I know that you are not dead and strong, others think you are dead, but I think you are still alive." After a pause, he said, "Go back and see your nephews. They are not in the situation." wonderful!".

His words just fell, Ling Xiao's look changed slightly, and the next moment he has already fallen over the Yuzawa Mountains. His vast gods swept away and immediately found many miserables underneath!

Some of his women are almost dead, and his father's battle is also true. Other followers and the Palatine Palace have almost all died. The mysterious mainland is also ** and sorrowful!

Ling Xiao's heart is like being cut by a knife, stabbed by a sword, and it hurts to be bloody!

"Fu Jun, is it really you?" Yun Mengqi cried with tears.

Ling Xiao’s moment came to her, and a vital force blessed him on Yun Mengqi, which immediately restored her.

"Meng Qi is me, you are healing first, I look at them!" Ling Xiao said, and immediately walked towards her woman.

Fengxianyun, Yandiejiao, Dongfangjing... They all almost fell off in order to protect the younger generation.

"Laughter, my smile!" Meng Xiyun screamed and screamed.

Ling Xiao came to his mother and watched the already mad battle. He was almost crumbling and almost fainted in the past!

"I... I am still late to come back? No... I can't do this. I can definitely change my life against the sky. Hey, rhyme, butterfly, and Yinger... You guys won't die!" Ling Xiaomu Flowing in tears, Yang Tian smashed up.

Ling Xiao went to the sky, and the colorful gods emerged from behind his back, and various forces were constantly flashing.

"Shuimu is alive, give it to me!" Ling Xiao is like a god, summoning two vital forces.

One blue and one green, the two vibrant atmospheres instantly filled the nine days.

"All things, give me a resurrection!" Ling Xiao whispered, his hands spread out, the blue and green light swelled to every corner of Xuan Ling mainland.

In the moment, those injured humans, beasts and other creatures were moistened by these water and wood forces, and their injuries were quickly restored.

All this makes them feel incredible!

Subsequently, the power of Ling Xiao changed one by one, and one light and one dark floated to form a body of yin and yang.

"Time reversal!" Ling Xiao all the power bloomed out, the light and dark power surged, the yin and yang two gasifications were intertwined in time tunnels, the world was rushed and rushed, and the time was actually reversed quickly!

All the shadows in the Xuan Ling continent are constantly being restored, and all the dead creatures are awakened.

This is a kind of creation that captures the world and creates the power of the world!

Ling Hongyu, Ling Taichu, Ling Invincible, Xuan Yao... All awake people feel this all, it is incredible, it is hard to imagine this is the power of one person!

Perhaps this is the true legend of the eternal immortal god!

The countercurrent of time, everything returned to a day or two before, not to die, live, and ** live, only the three eternal gods can not be reproduced!

The mysterious continent experienced the catastrophe and finally recovered the calm, and restored the vitality, never will be destroyed!

Ling Xiao and his wife, children and parents reunion, Xuan Yao also saw his father again, everything is so beautiful!

A year later, all the things related to the Devil Tiger, the Lei, and the Wings were almost swept away. The Jinzu dominated the domain and became the well-deserved hegemon!

In the Yuzawa Mountains, Ling Xiao and his wife and children gathered together.

"I have been suffering from you all these years. Today I decided to take you to the sun and catch a few golden sacred beasts for you to ride!" Ling Xiao said with a smile on his face, and then toward the defeated family and the Suzaku beast "Go, let me see if the birds in the sun are really strong!".

After all, he breathed a sigh of relief and rushed everyone toward the sun!

A few years later, there were three golden flamingos appearing in the Yuzawa Mountains from time to time, but on their backs they were riding a youthful young girl.

These young girls are all surnamed Ling, all from an ancestors, they enjoy the unparalleled life that others can't match, and they are really awkward!

In the highest peak of the mountain, a heroic figure standing against the rising sun muttered. "In the depths of the road, there is a chaotic ** hole. Will it be a martial brother? I hope that you will return one day, you and I have not finished yet!" After a pause, he said, "There is heaven outside the sky, there are domains outside the domain, and there is no end to eternality. I may not be invincible!".

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