Chapter 1743:World Controlling God

End this testimonial! ! !

"God Controls the World" is finally finished! !

This ending can be said to be perfect, or it can be said to be imperfect!

Because regret itself is a kind of flawless beauty!

From the beginning of it to the end of it, there is too much hard work and brain power.

Watching it from no one knows, to everyone knows, pure and satisfying and happy.

It carries a pure dream, and it allows me to share the happiness and sorrow with all the books!

"God Controls the World" can go to today, this is inseparable from everyone's support, and the editor's recommendation can not be separated, is that you have achieved "God Controls the World" and also achieved a pure dream!

Thank you very much sincerely, my dear book friends, my dear editors, my friends who care about my creation, and strangers who have insulted me!

All along, purity has too many psychological words to say, but sometimes it feels impossible to talk about it!

"God Controls the World" was loved by the extended book friends, but it also suffered from some people's contempt and verbal attacks. Purely, I almost gave up the book. Honestly, An An has been working on a job. Life is gone!

However, in the voice of praise, the voice of support overwhelmed all the discordant sounds, and after defeating the shame of a small number of people, the purity is still quite over. It can be said that your strength has supported the pure creation to this day!

From part-time writers to full-time writers, you may not see the pure pay.

It is the result of thinking about the codewords day and night, and paying the price of the profession. Cervical pain, lumbar pain, and myopia in the eyes... This is not exaggerated. The friends who work on computers for a long time should have a deep understanding!

The speed of pure code words is slow, the speed of reading books is fast, and the purity can only satisfy you, but it is still limited. How can the speed of writing books compare with the speed of reading? The number of words written in these two years and two months is not enough for two or three days.

Pure can not be erupted in a large number, and the book friends are once again embarrassed, uncomfortable in the heart, and embarrassed, but more hope to get your understanding and experience!

Pure is a family, a wife, a child who is less than two years old, I have to take some time to accompany them, isn't it?

All kinds of praises, all kinds of insults, gradually made the numbness of purity.

I just wanted to work hard, and I finished the book "God Controls the World" and gave everyone a perfect explanation. However, after facing the problem of new bookmarks, there were some unexpected changes, which made the "God Controls the World" later. Did not give everyone a stable update.

Here, pure and sincerely apologize to the enlarged book readers! Remember, just a genuine subscription book, nothing more!

There are many factors, purity can not explain to you one by one, but can explain, I have also explained in the book, in the group or WeChat, do not believe, depends on everyone!

For those who read pirated books, pure has always been a blind eye, so the market is like this, many friends like to watch free, named pure and have seen some free pirated novels, so pure will not be unreasonable Blame disgusting you! (My personal position of course advocates that everyone supports me!)

However, the most intolerable thing about purity is that individual piracy depends on piracy. Why is it still pure and insulting my personality? Insult my family? You ask yourself, what qualification do you have? Where is your quality character?

Writing a book purely is a hobby from the heart, but purity has passed the age of being an idealist. I am eager to earn the cost of my life in my hobby!

Individual readers of pirated copies told me to fall into the purse, and my author's sentiment was eaten by the dog!

I ask, I don't have a source of income, how do I live? How do my family live? How can I create? With a bloody, endlessly write free novels for everyone?

Pure can not meet everyone's update needs, I have a flaw in my heart, I can only say that something is counterproductive.

For various reasons, my new book has chosen to work with another website, hoping to be able to control itself on the new platform!

As for everyone, I still don't support my new book. I have never been reluctant, like, supportive, pure and naturally touched and grateful; but I don't like it. If I don't support it, I won't ask for anything. I just hope that you can keep the bottom line.

A lot of complaints have been made, and some people will think that pure Bo is sympathetic, but it doesn't matter, isn't it?

"God Controls the World" is over, and everything is gone.

A faint disappointment and sorrowful lingering in my heart, hopeful tomorrow will ignite the pace of my struggle, a ** stop, another passion has begun to ignite!

Looking forward to tomorrow will be better, everyone will always be happy, always healthy, always know how to read life, always pure and good book friends! ! !

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